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Natural wood flooring has a unique charm. The natural grains and knots within the wood add an unmistakable character to a home blending tradition seamlessly with style.​Wood floors can look absolutely stunning in a home. This flooring can give a room a fantastic feel and is perfect for medium-traffic areas in the home such as the living room.​

There is a wide range of wood floors available to choose from with many different colours and finishes. whether it be Engineered or Solid, Santone Carpets can help you to choose the type of wood to use dependent on the style of your home and the practicalities of its use.​​

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Solid wood flooring is a plank of wood that has been milled from one single part of the tree. This can be referred to as solid hardwood flooring or simply solid wood.

Engineered wood flooring has a real wood top layer and a central core of cross-layered plywood or softwood, and is underpinned with a veneer layer for balance. This can be referred to as manufactured wood flooring, however, the most common name is engineered, or real wood engineered flooring.




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Flooring is one of the first things we notice when entering a living space. As well as make a room feel more spacious or intimate, it can help complement the style and design of your home.


A natural wooden floor has many benefits for your home. It is easier to clean and less likely to be damaged when looked after so it will last for a lifetime. At V4 Wood Flooring they want to help bring nature inside your home with their beautiful range of wood flooring.

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There's nothing quite like real wood to bring out the warmth and character of a home. Furlong Flooring is always expanding its wood flooring range to bring you more choices from carefully-selected suppliers who meet our sustainable standards.

Their collection has everything you need: good looks, long-lasting quality, great warranties and the perfect fit for any space.

From traditional oak wood flooring to distressed wood flooring that gives a room that extra dash of personality, our ranges are designed for easy fitting and cost-conscious pockets.

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