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Tough, practical and hygienic, modern vinyl also offers an extraordinary choice of designs: from brilliant colours, abstracts and black and white, to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone.

It feels good too offering cushioned underfoot comfort as well as a variety of finishes to provide touch sensation that match the looks. Hardwearing, waterproof and easy to clean, vinyl is the modern option for modern lifestyles.


Tough, practical and hygienic. Tarkett cushioned flooring is affordable, resistant to scuffs and scratches, and easy to clean.


They have a wide collection of cushion vinyl, with a welcoming mix of wood, stone and abstract floor designs suitable for your home.


Traditional, timeless designs and easy, hassle-free maintenance define this cushioned flooring. Water-resistant and slip-resistant, it is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


IVC sheet vinyl withstands the daily challenges of household mess-makers and reflects today’s trends and protects against daily wear for long-lasting beauty.

The IVC Roll Program offers domestically produced sheet vinyl in on-trend, stone and wood décors — including herringbone patterns. In addition to a QuickClean wear layer ensuring ease of cleaning and longevity, roll program sheet vinyl products are waterproof; stain, scratch and scuff-resistant; and approved for any level of the living space.

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